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The Essence of Smoking Identity

In the world of smoking, the act itself has evolved beyond a mere habit, transforming into a time just to relax and get away. The choice of tobacco smoking is a conscious decision that reflects personal preferences, values, and, in many ways, serves as a tangible extension of one’s identity. The selection of smoking paraphernalia, from pipes to cigars, becomes a way to get away. Smoking is not just an action; it’s a sensory representation of one’s distinctive identity. 

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Introducing Lubricity Xtra™: A Solution to Cotton Mouth

Yet, amid the smoking experiences, you are well-acquainted with the subtle discomfort of dry mouth that often accompanies the practice. This is where Lubricity Xtra emerges as a pivotal and ultimate solution, enhancing the pleasure of smoking without the hindrance of the dreaded cotton mouth. Imagine being able to get back to life and not have to feel like everyone knows you just escaped life for a minute. Lubricity Xtra can remove the smokey breath and replace it with either an enjoyable mint or strawberry flavor. 

Enhancing the Smoking Ritual with Lubricity Xtra™

Lubricity Xtra is a transformative addition for those who seek not just relief from cotton mouth but a profound enhancement to their smoking rituals. Meticulously crafted, this specially formulated lubricating spray offers a refreshingly hydrating burst, soothing the palate and elevating the overall smoking experience. Cotton mouth will no longer be an unwelcome companion to your smoking lifestyle. With Lubricity Xtra, revel in the diverse array of flavors, turning each smoking session into an indulgent symphony for your senses. Don’t let a dry mouth dull the vibrancy of your smoking identity; choose Lubricity Xtra and rediscover the joy of a perfectly lubricated smoking experience. 

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  • estimated 28.3 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes 
  • current tobacco product use was higher among men (24.1%) than among women (13.6%)   
  • Cigarettes were the most used tobacco product by 28.3 million people (about the population of Texas) 
  • Nearly 66.5% of adults who ever smoked cigarettes reported having quit  
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