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Get answers to all your questions about Lubricity Xtra’s premium Cotton mouth relief products. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find valuable insights into our innovative solutions, usage recommendations, and more. Trust Lubricity Xtra for transparency and clarity in providing effective oral care. Elevate your understanding and experience the confidence of choosing Lubricity Xtra for your dry mouth needs.

Dry mouth is a common condition, which is also called Xerostomia. The reduction of saliva occurs due to medical treatment, disease, injury, radiation illness, aging or even stress. 

In more severe cases, it can impact your oral health and quality of life. 

The signs of dry mouth are: 

  • Difficultly in speaking 
  • Problems eating and swallowing. 
  • Skin cracking around the mouth 
  • mouth sores 
  • sore throat 

Dry mouth can have adverse effects and result in: 

  • Dental decay 
  • Plaque, 
  • Periodontal disease 
  • Gingivitis 
  • Other oral irritations 

Please note that Lubricity Xtra is not indicated to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Saliva is a natural lubricant for our mouth. When we do not produce enough saliva due to certain reasons, then our mouth gets dry and uncomfortable. Lubricity Xtra provides a moist and smooth coating when used as recommended. 

Yes, it is safe. In fact, Lubricity Xtra achieves its maximum effectiveness when used regularly. 

Since Lubricity Xtra forms a coating on the oral mucosal tissue and decreases the tissue on tissue friction with hydration. Eating can remove the gel film created by Lubricity Xtra. Therefore, it is advised to use Lubricity Xtra after eating and before sleep to benefit from uninterrupted symptom relief. 

It is an effective symptom reliever. Due to the fact that the microfilm formed by Lubricity Xtra helps tissues retain moisture, it helps relieve some of the inflammation and painful mouth sores caused by mucositis. It is not considered curative. 

Yes. If you wish to treat a patient by swabbing the product in the mouth, spray Lubricity Xtra onto the swab. 

Use Lubricity Xtra as directed: be patient and spray Lubricity Xtra as recommended. For maximum effectiveness, use after meals and before bed with continued use for a smooth coating in your mouth. Persistent use of Lubricity Xtra thereafter will help you get much desired relief from cotton mouth symptoms.  

Lubricity Xtra Spray contains Hyaluronic Acid and lubricants for instant and long-lasting cotton mouth relief, for up to 4 hours. The spray provides portability to moisten the mouth instantly while on-the-go. 

Lubricity Xtra is a PREMIUM product with high quality ingredients, it provides 7 or 30 days of relief depending on size. 

Lubricity Xtra formulation does not have any significant side effects. Allergies to specific ingredients are possible. Avoid using Lubricity Xtra if you are allergic to formulation ingredients. 

Lubricity Xtra should be used according to the recommended dosage. It is advised that anyone who is not sure whether they should use Lubricity Xtra seek the advice of their physician or dentist. 

Lubricity Xtra is intended for moisturizing and should be applied directly into the mouth as required. 

Although it is not designed for consumption, the ingredients do not pose a health hazard in small quantities. Keep out of reach of children and pets. (needs to be added to Lubricity page as well).


Yes. Due to the rehydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, it minimizes pain from sores, and it may help reduce healing time for cuts and sores in the mouth. Flavorless Lubricity might be a better option because of the flavors in Lubricity Xtra. 

To the extent that periodontal or gum disease is caused by lack of saliva, it helps to diminish those symptoms. It is not considered curative. Lubricity Xtra contains Xylitol which has been cited in studies to reduce dental cavities (tooth decay). 

Lubricity Xtra is a streaming spray. Each pump provides a stream of symptom relief. Our researchers discovered the thicker formula is more effective than thinner spray solutions. 

Due to the viscosity of the formulation, it is too thick to be used with a conical spray pattern. You can spray twice into each cheek per application.